About Me


Who am I?

What’s up guys! I am Veronica, but everyone calls me “lil sis”. Welcome to my world! I am a Tennessee based blogger and a signed model/actress to Talent Trek. Here are a few random facts about me: Shopping is my therapy. I enjoy the nostalgic things in life such as; -but certainly not limited to– vinyl’s, black and white movies, reading hard copy books, and writing. I have always described myself as an old soul. I believe I was born in the wrong decade. –lol-I believe life is a journey and we never stop discovering different facets of ourselves. My imagination gets the better of me –I tend to live in my head-.

I paint self-portraits because I am the person that I know best, I paint my own reality -Frida Kahlo

Why Blog?

One day as I was I a deep depression, I called out of work because I just didn’t see how I was going to put a mask on and fake it for the day. I laid on the floor crying my eyes out praying/asking the universe for some purpose to continue,- dare I say living-…. I was at my end. I got off the floor and into bed. I decided to watch movies and relax my mind. The HBO movie was Divergent. As I watched that movie I was moved to write, something I hadn’t done since I was younger. It just burst out of me. I knew that it was God sent. Writing has always been a joy of mine. I always felt like when I spoke people disengaged or seemed uninterested. I felt unseen or overlooked. As I watch that movie, I found 2 things; my purpose and my passion. My purpose is writing. No matter how many times I’ve stopped or walked away from it I always come back. It’s my home, my safe space, writing is effortless. I feel heard, seen and connected. My passion is acting. It’s the only thing I enjoy, but have to work really had at.

I decided to start blogging to encourage others to find their purpose, their passion, and live their dreams. It’s a way to express myself and connect with others. In this big huge world, ironically it’s very easy to feel alone, hopefully in this blog you’re not. I based my blog on situations I have gone through, the not so popular advice that is needed, but not always given, creativity and interviews, and self-care and lifestyle. Passion and purpose is a common thread you’ll see in my posts and writings. I believe my life was in a dark place without it and I want to help others- including myself still– come out of that place. I want to inspire others, even just one person to go forward in the pursuit of what sets their soul on fire. It’s a journey, not a sprint. I have given up, became overwhelmed, and uncomfortable at times, but I blog all about it. Somehow, I find the courage and strength to keep going. So to sum it all up, I blog for the same reasons I live, my passion and my purpose, two things which I love deeply.

That’s what makes our journey so wonderful is the obstacles.-Marlon Wayans

In this blog, I want to cover all things about LIFE and BEAUTY that I find interesting or helpful.

I really hope you guys enjoy yourselves and leave with something more than what you came with!

Don’t be bitter

Be Better!


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