Nina B

I wanted to end the month of music with someone I’ve known since I was just in elementary school. Ever since I can remember she’s been doing music. She’s never let “no” stop her and she straight grinds to make her dreams come true. A true definition of “never give up”! This last artist, comes straight out of Murfreesboro, Tn. Nina B has been making impacts in the music industry and is definitely one to watch out for. 

First, I know you by a different name, but I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you since I was just my brother’s annoying little sister -ha!- how did the name Nina B come to be?

Ha! Yes I remember those days, but you weren’t too annoying (just kidding!). But you know that’s a great question. When I first started rapping I used to freestyle and I had a fierce attitude when I spit. One of the older guys that hung around used to call me Nina bc he said I popped off at any given moment and won’t jam under pressure. (Just to clarify, a “Nina” is slang for a 9mm handgun) Honestly, it stuck with me thru my little “rap battles” so I decided to keep the name. The “B” can turn into plenty of meanings but we’ll keep it at Nina lol. 

Ok , that makes sense now! I never knew that. So, you’ve been in the music game for a long time, you’ve done a little bit of everything, but you always come back to being an artist. You have this enormous passion for music. What’s the one thing you love about music?

Wow, I can’t even put that into words! Music is a huge part of my life. I take to music to release any type of emotion towards any situation. I really think that music to me is very therapeutic and that’s the most important aspect of music in my opinion. That and the overall message of a song is key. 

Yes! Music has definitely lost its message to me now its all about being hot for now. Especially,with being a female artist. Speaking of being a female artist, what would you like to see change in that field of the music industry? 

Sis, I don’t think we have enough time in this interview to get my full take on this issue, but I’ll do my best to paraphrase. Honestly, I think that the issue with all females breaking into the industry is the overwhelming need to objectify the woman and the inability for men to value the likes of a woman. Along with a lack of serious artists; not these women who just want to be put out to get on. Period. What I mean is that this need to push the whole “sex sells” agenda is enabling us from our talents. Damn near every female rapper that comes out of the woodworks is nothing more than carbon copy. Either she’s trying to be Nicki [Minaj] or she’s just rapping about what’s in between her thighs rather than between her temples. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Bad Bi** anthem, but let’s be real with ourselves for once in a while. Put it this way, name one female rapper (besides Lauryn Hill) who at some point in her career didn’t have to be sexy in some type of way in order to keep themselves relevant? 


That’s a tough one unless I can name Queen Latifa or Erikah Badu –that’s a stretch huh?-Being a female artist is already an up hill battle, its such a hard industry to break into, from your experience why do you think that is?

Well, as far as my experience, I think that it really depends on the way that you try and break into the industry. You really have to find a lane and stick to it. This is a male dominated industry so when you’re trying to break into a rap industry that feeds off objectifying women, You can’t be too hard and intimidate the guys, but you also don’t want to put yourself in a box and only rap about what every other female rapper is [rapping about]. So to put it simply, it will be easier for us to break into the industry when we are comfortable enough to accept that we don’t have to fit in with the norm. 


Ooh I like that. A lot of people don’t go in with a plan or mission, like Minaj or Latifa did. What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I actually have a lot planned for the upcoming months and next year. Of course, a lot more music to come with some unexpected featured artists, and also I’m working on some visuals to put a face with the name. I’ve actually ventured out more into the entertainment field and I am working to get my label, Mizfit Muzik, up and running full force. What I’m super excited about is my clothing line, Trillions Supply Co, will be launching this summer/fall season, so definitely put a bolo (be on the look out) on that! 

Oh wow ok, you want your hands in everything possible, I love it! Speaking of labels and putting a face to a name, when can we expect new music, and where can we get your music?

You can expect some new music dropping from me this summer. I’m currently working on a project entitled F.A.M.E that is set to drop this summer as well. I have a single called “Supa Chronic” which is available now via Souncloud along with a group project I did with my team T$MG called “Track Meet” which is on Souncloud too. I already have my sights set on dropping my debut EP which I’ll give you more on as it develops. Until then check out some of my music at and

I ask the same question to everyone in my interviews, I’m such a big supporter of following your dreams no matter what, I think following your passion and purpose is one of the hardest, but most rewarding things you can do, what advice would you give to people who are struggling to find follow their dreams?

I would definitely tell other artists to stay true to themselves no matter what. As long as you make the music YOU want to make and hone your craft you will go far. Don’t get caught up in what you think people want to hear and just make music. These days everyone wants to make music so you have to find a way to reinvent your craft in order to stand out. Also, make sure you understand and know the music business. With that being said, I encourage all artists who are serious about their craft just stay focused on turning your dream into a reality. Success is a mindset and I’m the first one to know that life sometimes does set in at the wrong moment and makes it hard to create, but as long as you stay productive and keep your faith everything else will fall into place.


And fall in to place it will! Huge thank you to NinaB for allowing me the pleasure to interview her! As you read she has big things coming soon so make sure to check her out!

Until Next Time Guys!


Who is Pule?

This next artist, I got familiar with while he was in college at MTSU. With is his debut album ‘Who Is Pule’ and the video for ‘Sho’Nuff’ that just dropped, Pule is definitely making Headlines. -Not to mention his awesome personality, this guy is effortlessly hilarious Ha!- In this interview we find out just who exactly Pule is and what he thinks about the music industry.



Your style of rap puts me in the mind frame of Kendrick Lamar, just to compare, are you often compared to other artist and what’s been the most shocking if so?

 Honestly speaking, I get compared to Kendrick Lamar a couple times a month, but often from people who don’t even know I can RAP! My last video shoot people literally ran up to me thinking I was homie.  

As far as musical comparisons I’ve been compared to everyone. I get Kendrick, Cole… I’ve gotten Kanye and Andre 3000.. I’m honored to have been compared to guys that inspire me, but anxious for the day people compare up and coming rappers to me.

The MOST shocking was TELA from Memphis, TN. I love his record “Sho’Nuff” and think it’s a classic, and off pure coincidence, ended up making my own record titled “Sho’Nuff” off my debut album Who Is Pule.

You have a unique story, you’re a cancer survivor, can you tell us about that experience and did having to go through that push you to really work at your music career or pursue it 100%?

I think being diagnosed with cancer was one of the most impactful experiences in my life. It allowed me to grow spiritually and it helped me recognize that this Life thing doesn’t last forever. I value and cherish time much more, because it obviously isn’t promised to anyone. I’ve always been ambitious, but it has only enhanced my drive to achieve Every single goal I have.

My mind works differently and I see things in a better perspective because I’ve endured that experience, and I thank God for his design.

I’m nostalgic when it comes to music especially hip hop and R&B, I miss the days of Tupac and Mary J. , Nas and Faith Evans, Biggie and the Bad boy era, what would you like to see change in music industry?

I don’t think I want to see anything change specifically, but I am aware that hip-hop has grown and much of what we valued before has diminished due to the times and the effect of social media.

So my approach is to blend what I have learned and love the most in the past music, with my most current style and knowledge to make the best music for this time in my life.

I hate being put in a box because I believe we can do it all, Are there other avenues within the music industry you would like to pursue?

I am a South African, Atlantan who grew up off Michael Jackson, DMX, the Temptations, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.. And everything else. So I would be cheating myself it I didn’t expand musically. I sing my heart out on a few of my own tracks already.

Outside of artistry, I’ve always been intrigued by management as well. When the time permits and I’ve accomplished what I need to on the creative side, I may dabble in management.

You recently became a father, how did that affect your music, if at all?

My daughter’s timing along with God’s was impeccable. The experience was amazing, not only because she was my first, but she was born prematurely and weighed a pound and a half, so they strength that she displayed was adopted by me. She added premium fuel to me and for that I owe her everything.

Dreams are hard work, which is why they are not pursued; the possibility of failure outweighs the possibility of it actually working. I believe God gives you purpose for a reason. What advice would you give to those struggling with finding their purpose or following their dreams?

Great question, and personally I’m driven by the odds. I actually enjoy the adversity and challenges presented because it adds seasoning to the story. I’ve overcome so many situations that I desire the feeling of accomplishing the uncommon.

To anyone who dares to dream wholeheartedly, expect “failure” along the way, and enjoy the lessons you learn from them. You have to respect and appreciate the process in order to attain what’s next.

If you can figure out what you are sincerely passionate about, that should determine where your dreams lie.

Where can we hear your music and when can we expect new music?

Go to for everything. If you enter your email for the mailing list, I’ll send unreleased exclusive material monthly.. If anything, just use the hashtag #WhoIsPule and wherever it leads you to, you all good.

There you have it! Huge thank you to Pule for allowing me the pleasure of doing this interview. I believe we will see big things from this guy in the future, keep your eyes and ears out! Definitely check his website out and follow the hashtag #WhoIsPule on all your social media. Also check the video out below of ‘Sho’Nuff ‘

Until Next Time Guys!!



Coming from Maryland, now residing in Middle Tennessee, I met this next artist at the start of his career. The artist and producer featured , P. Cole, has been around music his whole life. Taking influences from the north mixing it with a little southern trap, P. Cole is taking the hip-hop industry to a new level.

In this interview I wanted to showcase one of his many talents, producing and creating beats. Watch as I take you behind the scenes to see how he creates beat and his take on the hip-hop industry. Click the link here or watch below ,to get to know the artist P.Cole.

Check out his sound cloud here:Soundcloud

For business inquiries:

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Skyler Harris

Now for a change of pace, coming from Memphis, Tn, Skyler Harris has been giving us chills with her smooth and silky voice. With covers like Kiss it better, to original work like ‘In your Arms’ to remakes when Beyonce suddenly moves a concert- don’t mess with the beehive, bey- Skyler proves she got what it takes, to take this music industry by storm. I had to take the opportunity to get to know the woman behind the voice.


First let me say you have an amazingly beautiful voice! I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot, how long have you been singing and when did you start to get serious with it?

Awww, Thanks! I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, (as cliché as that sounds!) I wrote my very first song, ‘Crush on You (Baby Don’t You Know?)’ when I was in the second grade— and yes, I still remember every word! Recently, I decided to really invest in myself and in my music. I’m always telling other people, other women especially, “invest in yourself, girl!” Now, I’m finally doing it for myself.

You have to take you own advice! You have a big vocal range! With a voice like that who are your musical influences?

Oh my God! Everybody!!! Jazmine Sullivan, definitely though, just because her voice is incredibly raw and she could sing the alphabet and by the time she got to L-M-N, I’d be crying! As far as my songwriting influences, Babyface— He has the ability to write from ANY perspective and create timeless works of art every single time!

I’m glad you said it, your voice outs me in the mind set of Jasmine Sullivan with the runs and range that you have. You do a lot of covers, recently we’ve gotten to hear some original work, is this something you plan to do full time? Where do you see yourself in the music industry?

Every now and then, I hear a song that I absolutely love and that has more emotion than I think the production allows. I love taking songs that you usually dance to or blast without really hearing the words and slowing them down and bringing those words out— sometimes even changing the lyrics to better fit my story, as I did with Rihanna’s “Higher”. For me, it’s always about feelings. The same goes for my original music. I want you to feel something when you hear my songs. What I would like to do as far as the industry goes, is write songs. Not just sending in demos and reference tracks for someone to make a carbon copy of—but really sitting down with an artist and finding out where they are emotionally, what they want the world to hear, coming up with music and a sound based on that!

I like that interaction, you really get a sense of who the person is and what they are actually trying to achieve with their music. I feel like that art has been lost, but real singers are slowly making a comeback in the music industry, which is something I’m all here for! i love me a good ballad, I feel like its been missing for far too long. What would you like to see change within the music industry?

I’d like to see the music at the forefront. There are so many artists whose songs I’ve never heard, but I can tell you who they dated, where they shop, [and] who they are beefing with, all because of  the blogs they’ve been featured in. So many amazing artists are completely unknown because they don’t have a reality show or some type of scandal keeping them in our minds!

Took the words right out of my mouth! We need to get back to letting the music do the talking. You mentioned earlier that you’re always telling girls “invest in yourself girl”, which I think is so important because so often we are told what to do and these expectations are already set and sometimes our dreams and passions can be lost in trying to rise to the expectation. What advice would you give to people who are struggling to follow their dreams and passions?

Don’t think about the recognition. Your gift will always make room for you!! Whether 5 or 500 people hear you, see you, hear about you— just ensure that whatever you’re putting out is an authentic version of yourself! I struggled so hard thinking that I had to sing about what people wanted to hear, but I later realized that my heart wasn’t in it— and although people were paying attention, they weren’t being moved because I forgot that giving myself was the most important.

Can i get an Amen! I loved that, so many people struggle with thinking they have to be this perfect, unreal, or enhanced version of themselves and forget that nobody is really that way. In fact those that make the waves and are are remembered for the work were those that were themselves authentically. So for those that don’t know – and if you don’t you should by now!-Where can we hear your music and when can we expect new music?

I’ve mostly been focusing on pitching songs, but I have decided to release an EP this summer so definitely be on the lookout for that! Until then, you can expect more covers of some of your favorite songs on facebook, youtube, and my sound cloud.


I will keep my eye on that. Im looking forward to a certain Jasmine Sullivan cover *achem*. Thank you to Skyler Harris for taking the time out to do this interview! You can find her music and new single on Youtube at or on sound cloud at or her website at Also follow her on IG-@Reaching4Sky

Until next time guys!



Next up, is an up and coming artist VeeVerse hailing from Murfreesboro, TN. With more than 10 years as a rap artist, VeeVerse is prepared to take the hip-hop game by storm. With singles like ‘Addicted’ and upcoming Mixtape ‘Worth A Verse’ VeeVerse is proving to be on a mission to change the rap game.

Your rap name is VeeVerse, how did you come up with that name?

-Yes I go by VeeVerse. A long time ago I went by Young Vee. Clearly, as I got older that name wasn’t the best fit for me so I changed it. As most know my nickname is Vee, most people call me that, and I’ve written so many verses for songs I’ve never even put it out over the years. So I just joined Vee and Verse together and that’s how I came up with my name. 

I’ve known you since high school -long time- I’m sure it shocked people outside your inner circle to see you take music so seriously, what made you take that step and pursue your passion?

 –Music has been a big part of my life, from 1st grade doing talent shows to 3rd grade listening to Master Ps “Make Em Say Uh” almost every single time my grandmother dropped me off for school. I know she got tired of me requesting it every morning, but Football was really my first true love. When I got older football became far from the reality of having any type of career, and that’s when I actually knew and started realizing I really wanted to take music seriously, because throughout the years I was doing it on and off for a hobby and not making it a real priority.



I’ve heard mostly up-tempo songs from you like ‘Addicted’, I’m an R&B girl myself, are we going to get to see a softer side to VeeVerse?

Yeah I’ve had a couple of upbeat songs. I’ve done 1 or 2 slow songs in the past. People won’t believe me when I say this. I listen to more R&B then I do rap, but to answer your question, yes, you’ll see a lot of slow tempo songs from me in the upcoming months and one on my upcoming mixtape.


Now, that I will be keeping my ears out for. What/who inspires you to do music and who are your musical influences?

Not to sound cocky or anything, more so confident, but the fact that I know I have the talent for music and I can be successful in the music world is what inspires me. When no one sees you as an artist or don’t see you making it far with music, [it] drives and inspires me to do this. As far as music influences, I have a lot, but I will just name a few starting with Old School. I would have to say Tupac, NWA, and LL Cool J just to name a few. With New School I would have to say Andre 3000, J Cole, and Lil Wayne.


img_4827You mentioned Old School and you know I love some nostalgia. The music industry is constantly changing, certain artist are bringing the work of music –ART- back and breaking the trendiness of music, which I’m all here for, what is something you want to change or are hoping to see change within the music industry?

-Yes the music industry is steady changing, and in my opinion more so for the bad, as far as the Rap and Hip-Hop scene. There are a handful of solid real artist out there. I understand you have to sell music, but you rarely hear  people who are actually rapping these days and not just saying any and everything. All you hear is trendy music and that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I find myself rapping to it sometimes, that doesn’t mean I want to be that type of artist. Most people don’t want to hear the real artist out here who actually take time with [their] music to write a solid verse that actually means something. We don’t really have that these days, and I would love to see it go back to that way. This trendy music has brainwashed most people and for some that’s all they know, basically saying it has dumbed down the art of hip-hop, and I would love it to change and get back to the old days where words actually mattered in a verse. 

Yes! When the lyrics had meaning! Every Artist has that one song that has some kind of meaning to them. What is the song you love to perform or written?

-The best song I’ve written was a cover to J Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” and that’s the song I love to perform as well. Every word in that song has meaning to it. The day I wrote this song, my hand with the pen was just going full speed on the pad. It felt. I didn’t have to think of anything my hand just thought for me cause I couldn’t stop.


I’m a huge promoter of following your dreams and passion. I believe if you’re not doing something you love, then you’re not living and you’re not growing. What advice would you give to those struggling to take that step to following their dreams?

-The advice I would give to people following their dreams would be to never give up, stay focus, sacrifice; this is your life you only have one to go all out. People will doubt you and try to make you feel like you can’t accomplish your dreams, but don’t do it for them, do it because it’s your dream, not theirs and only you can let someone stop you from following your dreams. The day you give up will be the day you’ve failed yourself.

And we are NOT failures! Lastly, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, where can they listen to your music and when can we expect new music?

-The people who haven’t heard my music [you] can go to my soundcloud, and listen to my old songs as well as two new ones I released just for fun. You can also go on ITunes, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Google Music, all other media outlets and search VeeVerse and my latest track “Addicted”. I have a new mixtape releasing early May entitled “Worth A Verse” it will be available for download  on Datpiff and Spinrilla. 



It was an honor to interview someone I have known and watch grow into someone who knows what he wants from life and is not stopping until he gets it. I can’t wait to hear the music you have in store! Huge thank you to VeeVerse, always a pleasure! Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape ‘Worth a Verse’.

Until next time guys!





Itz C. Ward

Here’s an artist that has been on the grind since high school. Coming out of Murfreesboro,TN, C.Ward has hit the pavement running to make a name for himself in the hip-hop industry. With his album being released this year, titled The Honor Roll, now available for pre-orders at i-Tunes,Google Play, Amazon, and at,  C. Ward is making waves. I talked to C. Ward to gain his perspective on the music industry and what’s next for him.


What was the determining factor or influence that made you push everything to the side and really pursue music?

My determining factor that made me pursue music more thoroughly was when income started coming in. Once I started receiving checks for my recorded songs, whether it was from publishing or performances; it motivated me to achieve more.

Money is never a bad motive -lol-. When it comes to you style of music, Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences would be Lil’ Wayne, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa to name a few. Business wise, in the music industry, I am influences by Diddy and Jay-Z.

I’m very old school when it comes to music. With rap I like people who can paint a story with their rhymes, like Jay-Z, Kanye, J.Cole, Drake, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Queen Latifa, a lot of messages and a purpose to rap, I feel like that art has gotten lost with the quick trends in music,; what would you like to see change within the hip hop industry?

I would like to see more originality with other artists in the music industry. To be successful in the industry you have to stand out, and have an inspiring concept. Most artists in today’s generation use the same sound or format which can get repetitive.

Yes, I feel like the originality has gotten lost in the content. Speaking of originality, Every artist has a top 5 best rappers of all time, what’s yours? 

  • Biggie
  • Tupac
  • Jay-Z
  • Nas
  • Lil Wayne

All those artist, with the exception of Tupac * moment of silence* have children and music seemed to change once they had kids. You also are a father, did that have any influence on your music?

Definitely. My son is my main priority to why I am still sacrificing to achieve my goals. He’s my inspiration when creating music.

Inspiration is a major key in this business. Where do you see yourself in the music industry?

I see my developing and progressing in the business. Hopefully landing a distribution deal for my music label.

I wasn’t familiar with you rapping until college, when did you realize music was your passion?

It was around my senior year in high school. I performed at my high school talent show with a few friends and my classmates and peers really enjoyed it. After getting that energy from the crowd that really motivated me to take it seriously.

Getting feedback is such a positive way to give you that confidence to pursue your dreams. You’ve been fortunate enough to find your passion and the courage to pursue it, what advice would you give to people who struggle to go after their dreams?

Stay motivated and step outside your boundaries. My success has come from outside sources that believe in my work.


I definitely agree with stepping outside your boundaries. Some of my best moves came from moving out of my comfort zone. So, now that we got where you’ve been in the music industry, where can we hear your music and when can we expect new music

My album will be release this year, The Honor Roll. Expect more music from T$MG as well.



Huge thank you to C. Ward, it was a pleasure to do this interview. I’m looking forward to hearing the new music from the album ‘ The Honor Roll’ which you can pre-order now at I-Tunes,Google Play, and Amazon, and will be available for download and streaming on Tidal and Spotify on May 31, 2016. Follow him on social media:

IG/Twitter @ItzCWard_

Snapchat: ItzCWard

and for business inquires

Until next time guys!




First up in my month of music, is MissMamaQueen who hails from Murfreesboro, TN. Starting her rap career as a Femcee at just 13 years old, MissMamaQueen has taken the femcee game by storm. MissMamaQueen has had a long and successful career with around a million in ringtone downloads, being on stage with Femcee Shawnna, and recently adding author to her resume with the book ‘Many Men’, MissMamaQueen has shown me, and others, that there’s nothing a woman can’t do.

You’ve had an amazing career in the hip hop music industry, being able to meet and rap with huge names within the female rap industry, who are your musical influences?

-Of course I have my favorite artist that I love to listen to such as Monica, Beyonce, Whitney, Eve, Shawnna, Lil’ Mo, and others, but they don’t have direct influence on my own music. What I can say, is the artist that I have grown into is the sound of Missy in  90’s. It’s that mixture of Hip-Hop, Rap, Love stories, and ballads. When I first got into music, I did find myself channeling Eve and Mia X, as I was trying to figure out my direction and lane. Being able to perform with Shawnna, and have one on one, heart to hearts about the music industry and being a woman in the industry, was definitely an eye opener for me. I tell her all the time; she taught me so much, specifically the importance of being a woman in the game and standing on your own. The last couple of years, I have found myself being comfortable with creating my own sound, following what my heart says, and not being influenced by what else is going on around the music scene.

Since you’ve been in the game for so long, where do you see your musical career going?

– I honestly have never looked at music as a career. Music has been a part of my life for almost 15 years now. To me music is an outlet and a talent that I have, that I share with the world. I record music all the time, without even releasing it. I know people say it all the time, but it really is a form a therapy for me. A lot of things I bottle up, but then go make a song about it. At the end of the day, regardless of how it plays out, I just want to be able to say I told my story, and people listened. Also, I believe 1000% in God aligning things and situations. I believe it’s going the way God sees fit.

I definitely understand that, blogging for me is the therapy that music is for you. You’re in an industry where it’s already stacked against you being a female rapper, what has been your experience with why it’s so hard to be a female MC?

-I think females make it harder for each other more than anything. You have females sleeping with the producers, engineers, and managers. You have females that don’t want to see another female shine, or they link/click up with who boosts their presence. Also you have females that are intimidated and offended by another woman’s confidence or willingness to stand-alone. I have always been the outsider especially locally. I’m not in to the fake networking and ‘buddy buddy’ system. I have rarely found genuine bonds. I see a lot of chasing other’s fan base. At this point, I don’t think it’s hard to be a female MC. I think it’s hard for women to respect themselves and step outside the local mentality and outside the box. When we realize that there’s more to it than rapping about how good your vagina or head is, or how many b**ches you will slap, it will makes sense. Although it shouldn’t be, I have noticed it’s hard for women to be real and 100 to themselves and the music.


I like that you stand by your morals and you don’t compromise yourself. You kind of touch on this with your song ‘Beautiful You’, its probably one of my favorite songs,-aside from ‘Imma Go Hard’- because I relate the most to it being that I never felt beautiful in my chocolate skin until recently, and it sends a positive message about self love and embracing your flaws, what inspired that song?

-‘Beautiful You’ has [got to be] the most genuine feedback from any song that I have ever wrote, from women and men all across the world. It’s one of my favorite and most personal songs. Anyone that has been in the studio with me knows that either I absolutely love a record or I don’t, from the moment the beat is played. A majority of the time, once I hear the first bars of the beat, I already have the title of the record or at least a theme. Every once in a while, I will hear a beat and get [a chill], that’s when I know it’s special. ‘Beautiful You’ was one of those times. My producer looked at me crazy because he had gotten on to me about doing so many slow ballads for the album. The first thing that came out was, “Beautiful You, Beautiful You, You’re Beautiful.”

How many times have we heard, “She aint no Beyonce, but she straight!” Society has told us what beautiful should look like.

If she’s dark skinned, she better have a nice body.

If she’s light skinned, she better have nice hair and pretty eyes.

If she’s heavy set, she has to have a cute face.

If she’s skinny, she has to have a big butt.

The inspiration for me was, “Wanting to inspire myself.” It’s okay to hear a man tell you “You are beautiful!” It feels good when you post a picture and people say, “You’re beautiful!”

However, you are the only one in the mirror in the morning and at night in those raw and rare form moments. How beautiful can you really be, if you can’t honestly tell yourself that you are?

You took the words right out of my mouth. I preach this every chance I get because it’s so important to have that self-love. With my blog I push for people to follow their dreams and find their purpose. I feel like many people give up on that dream, because it’s not an easy road, its hard work! What advice would you give to people- especially female MC-who are struggling to follow their passion?

-My biggest motto to live by is, “If it doesn’t feel right. It’s not right.” Remember, once you say something on record, it’s out there forever. Do not listen to the radio. Write and speak from your heart. No matter how twisted your life or situation is, there is someone out there who will relate. Your story is your story for a reason. Inspire yourself to inspire others. The road isn’t easy, and if it is there will be hell on the other side.

I’ve peeped that you’ve been in the studio lately, when can we expect some new music and where can the people who aren’t familiar with you, checkout your music?

-My album is in the production process and anyone who has done an album will tell you it’s the most frustrating and drawn out process you will ever see. I have no release date at this time. I want to make sure it’s done 100% before I set any expectations for myself or for my fans. This will be my first full production album, so I really want to take my time and go down the correct channels. We are looking to have it available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Store, etc. ‘Beautiful You’ is the only full record we have released so far. In the works of revamping my official fan site, but until then I have music on . I’m in the building stages of getting a video together for ‘Beautiful You’, but it has to be perfect with a story line, so that’s something I’m working on now as well.


img_4819Well I for one cannot not wait to hear it! Just for fun, Its no secret that you are a Monica and Beyonce/destiny child fan, but you have to pick just one, who will it be?

-OMG. This isn’t fair at all! I would say Monica! I have had the opportunity to meet her and talk with her, and she’s just amazing all around. I relate so much with her personal story, life tragedies, and triumphs. She is so humble, and to me the underdog, but legend of the R&B world. She is comfortable with what she has meant to the music game, even if they never put her on the Whitney or Bey platform. She knows her crowd and who she inspires. If you have ever seen her perform live, you can see her genuine love for what she does. Yessss Monica! LOL.


I would’ve chosen Monica Too! A huge thank you to MissMamaQueen for allowing me the pleasure to interview her! I was very inspired and motivated. I love interviews where I can learn something in the process and this was definitely that for me. Click the link here to check out her music and check out the video below of what’s to come!

Until Next Time Guys!


Music Feeds the Soul

Here in Tennessee, specifically Memphis, they have Memphis in May. They host a lot of musical events and the best thing ever; Barbecue. I wanted to keep with that theme, minus the barbecue and talk about something that is able to reach all ages, all cultures, all races; Music.

stevieThe melody, the harmony, the base line, the lyrics, the creativity; Ever since my ears could listen, I’ve been in love with music. When I was little, I would lock myself inside my room and sing on end at the top of my lungs to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, Christiana Aguilera, Anita Baker, Monica, Destny’s Child, Michael and Janet Jackson, Debarge, and Prince-Just to name a few. – Now I have my own place and God bless my neighbor’s ears ha! – I sing when I talk, I sing in the shower, I sing in my car, I sing at work –God bless my coworkers ears, I sing in the dressing room, I sing when I cook, I sing when I clean; the point is I love to sing.

UnknownI really began to fall in love with music when it evoked emotions that I had not yet felt. I knew heartbreak before I actually went through it, but music was there to pull me out when the time came. When I hear a song – like one of me and my moms favorite Stevie Wonder songs, all I do- I instantly think back to the time when we were sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table and we sang it to each other while all our family looked at us as if they wertumblr_m983wdMPmT1rcrp0yo1_500e left out of some sort of inside joke we shared or when Earth, Wind and Fire- Boogie Wonderland comes on i instantly change it because it reminds me of someone i lost.  Music has be
en a soundtrack to my life. Music has always been that “perfect verse over a tight beat”.
No Genre is safe from me. I literally will listen to anything. I’m the annoying passenger that knows every song that comes on the radio no matter what station you turn it to. No era
itumblr_n4nkyyF4891tyhvs4o1_500s safe. 9 times out of 10 if you are anywhere near me, I’m most likely listening to something way older than I am. I’m not a trendy music listener. I enjoy works of art. A collection of music that can ell a story. Make me feel the very emotion that person experienced. Something I feel is lost from this generation. – With the exception of
eyoncé’s album –Lemonade. When I say it was something missing from the nostalgic world of music and she completely came in and filled killed that void. Blog coming soon on that- we don’t get that anymore. When the album had an intro and outro, various speaking scripts in between the songs, and when videos had actual choreography, shoot when a video actually prepared you for the music to be release and all you had was the video- am I showing my age? Lol-

I even went, as far as to learn to play the saxophone- I was first chair too- I wish I had picked up the piano or the guitar- bucket list goals-

e4a17e1f968485c41647ac83ecb6ab64The thing I love most about music; it gets you through life. Heartbreak, love, family, lost ones, celebrations, depression, and moments of pure joy; music is right there. It has the ability to transcend hate, race and culture. The very things that make us uniquely different, music has the ability to unite.

I wanted to take this month to show my deep love for music.- plus y’all know I love a good theme!- I took this opportunity to put a spotlight on local artist and showcase blogs about those who have influenced me- and I’m sure many others. I really wanted to take this opportunity to see what actual artist thought about  and their views on the industry.

I’m all about interaction; so don’t be afraid to comment on each and every post! Lets kick off with this, what is the reason you love music?