Ballin’ on a Budget: Secrets to Buy What you Want for Less!

A little known fact ab out me is I love to shop! Ok so it’s not that little known, it’s true, I know my delivery guys by name. What most people don’t know is, I never spend that much for what I buy. I almost always catch a sale or find a discount. If it aint on a deal, I’m not trying to spend my coins on it! I thought this was pretty common knowledge, but I was sharing some of my tricks to getting a deal and well, not as common knowledge as I thought. Keep reading if you want to save those coins, but get what you want!!

Discount Codes
Discount codes are by far the easiest way to get some sort of percentage off. You can usually find a discount code anywhere from 10 to 30 percent off or free shipping. Most stores will offer this on their website by signing up for their emailing list. One way you can continue to get this discount is by signing up for the email list and after you get the discount and make your purchase; unsubscribe. This will remove you from the list. When you go back to the site it will give you the same pop up to sign up for the email list and because you have been removed from the list, if you sign back up it will no longer recognize that you have already been given a code for the discount, thus a repeating cycle.

If you download the store’s app, they will give you consistent coupons and at least free shipping. Victoria Secret’s Pink app is the goat for this!. – I wish you could use multiple codes, but they only allow 2 so pick and choose.. Pick and choose– Forever 21 and LuLu’s offer really good exclusive discounts through their apps as well.

I don’t know about you, but I paid too much for college not to reap the benefits for life! If you sign up for sites like Unidays or Student Beans, they offer student discount codes, and let me tell you its clutch for stores like FootLocker and even Apple subscription.. All you need is an active school email- shoutout to MTSU, even though I’ve graduated my email is still active so I reap every last benefit! My Apple subscription is $4.99 a month!!-

Also, you would be surprised at the deals you can get on your birthday as well!

Another way to get a discount code is to simply google search. Type in the name of the store plus discount or coupon and it will give you a list of coupon sites to choose from. This one is hit or miss. Sometimes the coupons work and sometimes they do not, but it’s always worth a try.

My favorite way to get a discount code is to load what I want in my cart and check out all the way to the payment screen. Allow your browser to sit on that screen. After a certain amount of time, the store will send you a reminder email or text that you have items in your cart. To encourage a purchase they will offer a discount code.

I bet you didn’t know your job may even offer discount codes. Yes!, check those employee benefits! You never know who your job is connected to!

Social media is another great way to find a discount code. There is usually a fixed code in the bio of the brand’s page. Other times you’ll have to look for a post with a discount code in the captions. Brands will also use brand ambassadors. To promote the brand they will pay social media influencers to post sponsored content. To track how well the influencer does they will give a discount code which sometimes gives a kick back to the influencer as well. You can find brand ambassadors by searching the brands page or searching for a haul on YouTube i.e. search boohoo clothing haul, boom several brand ambassadors will be the top few videos.

One last way is by social media ads. Those dreaded, but alluring social media ads, especially Facebook, –gets me every time. On the top or in the caption of the ad there is usually a discount code for a small percent.

Of course sales are an obvious way to save some money, but knowing when a sale is coming a little harder. A good time to start looking for sales is about 2 months before the seasons change. Most stores try to start selling fall clothing in august, so you can bet by the end of July or August there will be a major sale. Of course you have your white sales and Black Friday is great for big ticket items, such as TVs. The best sale to go to is after Christmas. The day after Christmas stores are trying to bring in the inventory for next year so anything that is from the current year has to go! Dillard’s New Year sale is where you want to be. Shoes and clothing are almost next to nothing, plus you have all that Christmas gift money.

I used to be a little skeptical of sites like Poshmark or thrifting because you just never know what someone has done with their clothing or the conditions it will be in when you receive it. , However this is where I have found some items that were sold out or I have found an expensive item for much cheaper. Poshmark is my go to because it’s a little more secure when it comes to receiving items. Their customer service is awesome and works quickly to resolve any issues should you have any. I also sell most of my clothing that still has tags on it on the site-you can check out what I have here, on the banners posted on the home page.- You can find a lot of items still with tags due to the wrong size, just didn’t return it in time, or wanted money vs a store credit, whatever the problem was, you end up winning! You can send in an offer if you feel the seller is asking for too much or you can even switch an item you’re selling for the item you want and you’re not out of any funds, it’s a win win.

Split Payments
Sites like QuadPay, AfterPay, Sezzle, and Klarna offer to break your order into 4 smaller payments with no interest that auto draft every 2 weeks from the purchase date from your linked bank account or debit card. The great thing about this is it’s easier on your bank account, the downfall is if you get carried away and the balance gets too high. I was a little skeptical about using these sites at first. I tried it because of a store I frequently shop at that has constant sell outs on items I want. I decided to try it so I wouldn’t miss out on the items I wanted and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have a personal rule of not using these sites for orders less than $50.00 and I keep my total balance under $250.00, especially if using multiple sites. For example, if I have orders out with QuadPay, AfterPay and Sezzle the total balance together has to be under $250.00, however, I never let it get to that point. They also let you pay it off quicker if you want vs letting it auto draft from your account every 2 weeks. The other awesome part to this is these sites offer discounts if you purchase through them. My favorites are QuadPay and AfterPay. Both Quadpay and Afterpay offers a credit card option with no credit check, they use how well you have done paying off your balance with them as your credit and you can also use the split payment offer in stores. QuadPay typically has more popular stores to shop at like Apple or Fashion Nova. AfterPay is the one I use the most, one of my favorite boutiques is on this site. Again, these sites are great options if you have a large order and don’t want it to hurt your bank account too much. Just watch your balance or pay it off quickly!

There it is. Those are my secrets. Go forth and save those coins!!! Happy Shopping!

And remember,

Don’t be Bitter

Be Better!!


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