Next up, is an up and coming artist VeeVerse hailing from Murfreesboro, TN. With more than 10 years as a rap artist, VeeVerse is prepared to take the hip-hop game by storm. With singles like ‘Addicted’ and upcoming Mixtape ‘Worth A Verse’ VeeVerse is proving to be on a mission to change the rap game.

Your rap name is VeeVerse, how did you come up with that name?

-Yes I go by VeeVerse. A long time ago I went by Young Vee. Clearly, as I got older that name wasn’t the best fit for me so I changed it. As most know my nickname is Vee, most people call me that, and I’ve written so many verses for songs I’ve never even put it out over the years. So I just joined Vee and Verse together and that’s how I came up with my name. 

I’ve known you since high school -long time- I’m sure it shocked people outside your inner circle to see you take music so seriously, what made you take that step and pursue your passion?

 –Music has been a big part of my life, from 1st grade doing talent shows to 3rd grade listening to Master Ps “Make Em Say Uh” almost every single time my grandmother dropped me off for school. I know she got tired of me requesting it every morning, but Football was really my first true love. When I got older football became far from the reality of having any type of career, and that’s when I actually knew and started realizing I really wanted to take music seriously, because throughout the years I was doing it on and off for a hobby and not making it a real priority.



I’ve heard mostly up-tempo songs from you like ‘Addicted’, I’m an R&B girl myself, are we going to get to see a softer side to VeeVerse?

Yeah I’ve had a couple of upbeat songs. I’ve done 1 or 2 slow songs in the past. People won’t believe me when I say this. I listen to more R&B then I do rap, but to answer your question, yes, you’ll see a lot of slow tempo songs from me in the upcoming months and one on my upcoming mixtape.


Now, that I will be keeping my ears out for. What/who inspires you to do music and who are your musical influences?

Not to sound cocky or anything, more so confident, but the fact that I know I have the talent for music and I can be successful in the music world is what inspires me. When no one sees you as an artist or don’t see you making it far with music, [it] drives and inspires me to do this. As far as music influences, I have a lot, but I will just name a few starting with Old School. I would have to say Tupac, NWA, and LL Cool J just to name a few. With New School I would have to say Andre 3000, J Cole, and Lil Wayne.


img_4827You mentioned Old School and you know I love some nostalgia. The music industry is constantly changing, certain artist are bringing the work of music –ART- back and breaking the trendiness of music, which I’m all here for, what is something you want to change or are hoping to see change within the music industry?

-Yes the music industry is steady changing, and in my opinion more so for the bad, as far as the Rap and Hip-Hop scene. There are a handful of solid real artist out there. I understand you have to sell music, but you rarely hear  people who are actually rapping these days and not just saying any and everything. All you hear is trendy music and that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I find myself rapping to it sometimes, that doesn’t mean I want to be that type of artist. Most people don’t want to hear the real artist out here who actually take time with [their] music to write a solid verse that actually means something. We don’t really have that these days, and I would love to see it go back to that way. This trendy music has brainwashed most people and for some that’s all they know, basically saying it has dumbed down the art of hip-hop, and I would love it to change and get back to the old days where words actually mattered in a verse. 

Yes! When the lyrics had meaning! Every Artist has that one song that has some kind of meaning to them. What is the song you love to perform or written?

-The best song I’ve written was a cover to J Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” and that’s the song I love to perform as well. Every word in that song has meaning to it. The day I wrote this song, my hand with the pen was just going full speed on the pad. It felt. I didn’t have to think of anything my hand just thought for me cause I couldn’t stop.


I’m a huge promoter of following your dreams and passion. I believe if you’re not doing something you love, then you’re not living and you’re not growing. What advice would you give to those struggling to take that step to following their dreams?

-The advice I would give to people following their dreams would be to never give up, stay focus, sacrifice; this is your life you only have one to go all out. People will doubt you and try to make you feel like you can’t accomplish your dreams, but don’t do it for them, do it because it’s your dream, not theirs and only you can let someone stop you from following your dreams. The day you give up will be the day you’ve failed yourself.

And we are NOT failures! Lastly, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, where can they listen to your music and when can we expect new music?

-The people who haven’t heard my music [you] can go to my soundcloud, and listen to my old songs as well as two new ones I released just for fun. You can also go on ITunes, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Google Music, all other media outlets and search VeeVerse and my latest track “Addicted”. I have a new mixtape releasing early May entitled “Worth A Verse” it will be available for download  on Datpiff and Spinrilla. 



It was an honor to interview someone I have known and watch grow into someone who knows what he wants from life and is not stopping until he gets it. I can’t wait to hear the music you have in store! Huge thank you to VeeVerse, always a pleasure! Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape ‘Worth a Verse’.

Until next time guys!





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